2. Installation

Get the latest version of BioSTEAM from PyPI. If you have an installation of Python with pip, simple install it with:

$ pip install biosteam

To get the git version, run:

$ git clone git://github.com/BioSTEAMDevelopmentGroup/biosteam

2.1. Common Issues

  • Cannot install/update BioSTEAM:

    If you are having trouble installing or updating BioSTEAM, it may be due to dependency issues. You can bypass these using:

    $ pip install --user --ignore-installed biosteam

    You can make sure you install the right version by including the version number:

    $ pip install biosteam==<version>
  • Unit and system diagrams are not displaying:

    BioSTEAM uses Graphviz to make flowsheet diagrams. To properly install Graphviz in an anaconda distribution, please run the following line:

    $ conda install graphviz

    You may also need to add Graphviz to your system path on Windows by following these instructions.

  • Dynamic flowsheet GUI is not displaying:

    The dynamic flowsheet is built on PyQt5, so double check that your backend of your IDE is suitable for PyQt5. For the Spyder-IDE, set your backend to “Automatic” and restart Spyder:


    In Jupyter notebook, run the following line at the start of your first cell:

    %gui qt5