Source code for biosteam._facility

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# BioSTEAM: The Biorefinery Simulation and Techno-Economic Analysis Modules
# Copyright (C) 2020-2023, Yoel Cortes-Pena <>
# This module is under the UIUC open-source license. See 
# for license details.
from ._unit import Unit
from .exceptions import UnitInheritanceError

__all__ = ('Facility',)

def get_network_priority(facility):
    return facility.network_priority

[docs] class Facility(Unit, isabstract=True, new_graphics=False): """Abstract class for facilities that are run after simulation of all unit operations within a system path.""" _universal = True autonumber = False # Default ID will not include number _skip_simulation_when_inlets_are_empty = False # Should be false with most facilities.
[docs] @staticmethod def ordered_facilities(facilities): """Return facilities ordered according to their network priority.""" return sorted(set(facilities), key=get_network_priority)
def __init_subclass__(cls, isabstract=False, new_graphics=True): super().__init_subclass__(isabstract, new_graphics) if not hasattr(cls, 'network_priority'): raise UnitInheritanceError( 'Facility subclasses must implement a `network_priority` ' 'attribute to designate the order of simulation relative to ' 'other facilities' ) def __init__(self, ID='', ins=None, outs=(), thermo=None, **kwargs): Unit.__init__(self, ID, ins, outs, thermo, **kwargs) self._system = None self._other_units = None @property def other_units(self): return self._other_units