BioSTEAM: The Biorefinery Simulation and Techno-Economic Analysis Modules#

BioSTEAM is an open-source and community-lead platform for the design, simulation, techno-economic analysis (TEA) and life cycle assessment (LCA) of biorefineries across thousands of scenarios for streamlined uncertainty and sensitivity analyses. The long-term growth and maintenance of BioSTEAM is supported through both community-led development and the research institutions invested in BioSTEAM, including the Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation (CABBI).

Getting Started

Detailed examples on BioSTEAM’s features.

API Reference

Documentation on all functionality.

Contributor’s Guide

Want to add to codebase? We’ll help.


Repository for biorefinery models.


Join us for Yoel’s Fall 2022 kick-off workshops! Yoel, the lead developer, will be going over the tutorial in detail, answer any questions, and provide help with related issues.

  • Aug 8 [10-11am CST]: Thermodynamics

  • Aug 10 [10-11am CST]: Beginner’s Guide

  • Aug 15 [10-11am CST]: Process Development

  • Aug 17 [10-11am CST]: Automation

For details on how to join (virtually or in-person), please email


If you have an installation of Python with pip, simple install it with:

$ pip install biosteam

To get the git version, run:

$ git clone --depth 10 git://

Common Issues#

  • Cannot install/update BioSTEAM:

    If you are having trouble installing or updating BioSTEAM, it may be due to dependency issues. You can bypass these using:

    $ pip install --user --ignore-installed biosteam

    You can make sure you install the right version by including the version number:

    $ pip install biosteam==<version>
  • Unit and system diagrams are not displaying:

    BioSTEAM uses Graphviz to make flowsheet diagrams. To properly install Graphviz in an anaconda distribution, please run the following line:

    $ conda install graphviz

    Additionally, please follow the following instructions for installing graphviz on windows.

Scientific Papers#

Several studies have leveraged the BioSTEAM platform to compare conversion technologies and chart development pathways for various bioproducts:

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