Lignocellulosic Biomass Processes#

The cellulosic module contains units and systems specific to lignocellulosic biomass processing. Various pretreatment and fermentation systems are available for users to plug and play.

Getting Started#

One full biorefinery configuration is available in this module, a corn stover biorefinery design for the production of cellulosic ethanol. With the exception of the on-site enzyme production, this configuration follows all assumptions from a study by Humbird et. al. executed with Aspen plus [1]. In contrast to the original report by Humbird et al., the cellulase mixture is bought at the same concentration of 50 g·L–1 and at a price of 0.424 $·kg–1, which is the back-calculated cost of on-site enzyme production as reported in the benchmark study. Please checkout the original BioSTEAM manuscript [2] for additional details.

>>> from biorefineries import cellulosic
>>> cs = cellulosic.Biorefinery('corn stover ethanol')
>>> cs.chemicals # All chemicals used by the biorefinery.
CompiledChemicals([Water, Ethanol, AceticAcid, Furfural, Glycerol, H2SO4, LacticAcid, SuccinicAcid, P4O10, HNO3, Denaturant, DAP, AmmoniumAcetate, AmmoniumSulfate, NaNO3, Oil, HMF, N2, NH3, O2, CH4, H2S, SO2, CO2, NO2, NO, CO, Glucose, Xylose, Sucrose, CaSO4, Mannose, Galactose, Arabinose, CellulaseNutrients, Extract, Acetate, Tar, CaO, Ash, NaOH, Lignin, SolubleLignin, GlucoseOligomer, GalactoseOligomer, MannoseOligomer, XyloseOligomer, ArabinoseOligomer, Z_mobilis, T_reesei, Biomass, Cellulose, Protein, Enzyme, Glucan, Xylan, Xylitol, Cellobiose, CSL, DenaturedEnzyme, Arabinan, Mannan, Galactan, WWTsludge, Cellulase])
>>> # The main biorefinery system
System: cornstover_sys
[0] cornstover
    phase: 'l', T: 298.15 K, P: 101325 Pa
    flow (kmol/hr): Water     1.17e+03
                    Sucrose   1.9
                    Extract   68.5
                    Acetate   25.4
                    Ash       4.16e+03
                    Lignin    87.3
                    Protein   114
[1] denaturant
    phase: 'l', T: 298.15 K, P: 101325 Pa
    flow (kmol/hr): Denaturant  4.14
[0] ethanol
    phase: 'l', T: 339.28 K, P: 101325 Pa
    flow (kmol/hr): Water       9.84
                    Ethanol     463
                    Denaturant  4.14
>>> # The TEA object
CellulosicEthanolTEA: cornstover_sys
 NPV: -190,889 USD at 10.0% IRR
>>> cs.flowsheet # The complete flowsheet
<Flowsheet: cornstover>
>>> # Any unit operations and streams can be accessed
SaccharificationAndCoFermentation: R303
[0] slurry  from  ContinuousPresaccharification-R301
    phase: 'l', T: 321.15 K, P: 101325 Pa
    flow (kmol/hr): Water              1.9e+04
                    AceticAcid         19.5
                    Furfural           2.67
                    AmmoniumSulfate    18.3
                    HMF                2.45
                    Glucose            19.9
                    Xylose             112
[1] s23  from  SeedHoldTank-T301
    phase: 'l', T: 305.15 K, P: 101325 Pa
    flow (kmol/hr): Water              1.89e+03
                    Ethanol            44.9
                    AceticAcid         1.95
                    Furfural           0.267
                    Glycerol           0.189
                    SuccinicAcid       0.368
                    DAP                0.0825
[2] CSL2  from  MockSplitter-S302
    phase: 'l', T: 298.15 K, P: 101325 Pa
    flow (kmol/hr): CSL  28.9
[3] DAP2  from  MockSplitter-S301
    phase: 'l', T: 298.15 K, P: 101325 Pa
    flow (kmol/hr): DAP  1.04
[0] s24  to  Mixer-M304
    phase: 'g', T: 305.15 K, P: 101325 Pa
    flow (kmol/hr): Water         15.3
                    Ethanol       3.95
                    AceticAcid    0.0306
                    Furfural      0.0134
                    Glycerol      1.52e-07
                    LacticAcid    9.36e-06
                    SuccinicAcid  2.47e-08
[1] s25  to  Mixer-M401
    phase: 'l', T: 305.15 K, P: 101325 Pa
    flow (kmol/hr): Water              1.89e+04
                    Ethanol            459
                    AceticAcid         19.5
                    Furfural           2.66
                    Glycerol           1.85
                    LacticAcid         18.4
                    SuccinicAcid       3.61
[2] s20  to  SeedTrain-R302
    phase: 'l', T: 321.15 K, P: 101325 Pa
    flow (kmol/hr): Water              1.89e+03
                    AceticAcid         1.95
                    Furfural           0.267
                    AmmoniumSulfate    1.83
                    HMF                0.245
                    Glucose            16.6
                    Xylose             11.2