class Parameter(name, setter, element, system, distribution, units, baseline, bounds, kind, hook, description, scale)[source]#

Create a Parameter object that, when called, runs the setter and the simulate functions.

  • name (str) – Name of parameter.

  • setter (function) – Should set the parameter.

  • element (object) – Element associated to parameter.

  • system (System) – System associated to parameter.

  • distribution (chaospy.Dist) – Parameter distribution.

  • units (str) – Units of parameter.

  • baseline (float) – Baseline value of parameter.

  • bounds (tuple[float, float]) – Lower and upper bounds of parameter.

  • kind (str) –

    • ‘design’: Parameter only affects unit operation design.

    • ’coupled’: Parameter affects mass and energy balances.

    • ’isolated’: Parameter does not affect the system in any way.

  • hook (Callable) – Should return the new parameter value given the sample.

  • scale (float, optional) – The sample is multiplied by the scale before setting.

property unit#

Unit operation directly associated to parameter.

property subsystem#

Subsystem directly associated to parameter.


Simulate parameter.