class Pump(ID='', ins=None, outs=(), thermo=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Create a pump that sets the pressure of the outlet.

  • ins (Stream], optional) – Inlet.

  • outs (Stream], optional) – Outlet.

  • P=101325 (float, optional) – Pressure of output stream (Pa). If the pressure of the outlet is the same as the inlet, pump is designed to increase of pressure to dP_design.

  • pump_type='Default' (str) – If ‘Default’, a pump type is selected based on heuristics.

  • material (str, optional) – Contruction material of pump. Defaults to ‘Cast iron’.

  • dP_design=101325 (float) – Design pressure change for pump.

  • ignore_NPSH=True (bool) – Whether to take into consideration NPSH in the selection of a pump type.


Default pump selection and design and cost algorithms are based on [1].


Simulate Pump for pressure increase:

>>> from biosteam import Stream, settings
>>> from biosteam.units import Pump
>>> settings.set_thermo(['Water', 'Ethanol'], cache=True)
>>> feed = Stream('feed', Water=200, T=350)
>>> P1 = Pump('P1', ins=feed, outs='out', P=2e5)
>>> P1.simulate()
>>> P1.show()
Pump: P1
[0] feed
    phase: 'l', T: 350 K, P: 101325 Pa
    flow (kmol/hr): Water  200
[0] out
    phase: 'l', T: 350 K, P: 200000 Pa
    flow (kmol/hr): Water  200
>>> P1.results()
Pump                              Units           P1
Electricity         Power            kW        0.288
                    Cost         USD/hr       0.0225
Design              Type                 Centrifugal
                    Ideal power      hp        0.136
                    Flow rate       gpm         16.3
                    Efficiency                 0.352
                    Power            hp        0.386
                    Head             ft         96.3
                    Motor size       hp          0.5
Purchase cost       Pump            USD     4.37e+03
                    Motor           USD          273
Total purchase cost                 USD     4.64e+03
Utility cost                     USD/hr       0.0225


property pump_type#

Pump type

property material#

Pump material

line: str = 'Pump'#

class-attribute Name denoting the type of Unit class. Defaults to the class name of the first child class