class GlycerolysisReactor(ID='', ins=None, outs=(), thermo=None, **kwargs)[source]#
class BlendingTankWithSkimming(ID='', ins=None, outs=(), thermo=None, *, vessel_type=None, tau=None, V_wf=None, vessel_material=None, kW_per_m3=1.0)[source]#
class Transesterification(ID='', ins=None, outs=(), *, efficiency=None, excess_methanol, T, x_catalyst, transesterification=None)[source]#

Create a transesterification reactor that converts ‘TAG’, ‘DAG’, ‘MAG’ and ‘Methanol’ to ‘Biodiesel’ and ‘Glycerol’. Finds the amount of catalyst ‘NaOCH3’ required and consumes it to produce ‘NaOH’ and ‘Methanol’.

  • ins (stream sequence) –

    • [0] Lipid feed

    • [1] Methanol feed (includes catalyst)

  • outs (stream) – Reactor effluent.

  • efficiency (float) – Efficiency of conversion (on a ‘Lipid’ basis).

  • excess_methanol (float) – Excess methanol fed in addition to the required stoichiometric amount.

  • x_catalyst (float) – Catalyst molar fraction in methanol feed.

  • T (float) – Operating temperature [K].